Impala offers a wide range of classes from weights based to high intensity cardio training. We make each class unique, mixed with a little seriousness and a whole load of fun. Here at Impala, each class is run by amazing instructors that care for your fitness, and each class offers something for the beginner to the advanced.

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Classes We Offer

Muscle Hirt

High intensity resistance and conditioning training that takes a full body weight session and runs it as timed super sets to really focus on muscle growth and definition.

Proper weights with proper technique that burns fat and increases lean muscle mass.


Bootcamp is an all over body workout, guaranteed to make you sweat and work up the heart rate. Every week there will be a different format whether it be in a circuit, in pairs or your own station – there will be something for everyone! It caters for all fitness levels too! We use an assortment of kit-based and body weight exercises to really get you pumping!

Hardcore 100

Hardcore 100 falls on the first Saturday of every month and it’s definitely not a workout to be missed. The aim is to complete 100 repetitions of each of the 20 exercises in 90 minutes in a team of 3. Your team of 3 will rotate around RUN-EXERCISE-REST. Breakfast is served after the workout to refuel the body from all the hard work.


Spin is a form of exercise focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery and involves using a special stationary exercise bike with a weighted flywheel in Impala’s unique UV lit classroom setting.


Konga is an easy to follow, high intensity fusion of boxing, cardio, dance and sculpting set to the hottest beats. Konga is a fierce and wild workout designed to shape, sculpt and redefine your physique in a fun, loud and motivating environment.


Boxing classes look to provide you with an all over cardio and strength training workout. By utilising boxing instructors, members can also look to develop their boxing techniques and drills.

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